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Legal Rights

Packing Regulation

According to §6 of the decree over the avoidance and utilization of the packing waste we are committed (free of charge for the customer) to take back used and empty packing, which the customer had received from us before.

If you want to make use of your right, then please email us to the following address: with a suitable note. We will then get our delivery company to pick up the packing from you free of charge.

Obviously the customer has the chance to rescue the packing or to put it in an recycling bin. The small amount of foil from sticky tape or envelopes doesn't prevent to recycle.

Legal indications to external links

According to the law of the use of Teleservices (TDG) we are only responsible for our own contents.
Under the terms of the TDG we are only responsible for the links of contents from third parties, if we
know that they are illegal or criminal and if we could prevent the use of the link. As soon as we know
about any illegal contents of websites from third parties, we will delete the adequate link. We do not
have any influence on the formation of the contents of the linked websites. That's why we point out our distance to all the contents of the websites, which show a link on our page. This statement is valid for all the used links and for all contents of websites, which are linked by. We will delete those links as soon as we get knowledge about the offence against the copyright or the Trade Marks Act.



All forms of text, pictures or graphics, which can be found on the website of the Classic Car Company
GmbH are reserved copyrights or are standing under another law to protect the intellectual property, as long as it is legally permitted.
The contents can be used for private use. The Classic Car Company GmbH has to give permission, if it is given to a third partie, if there is a commercial use or another use which is standing under the copyright.
Pictures and graphics, which describe the product, could differ from the product. There also could be pictures and graphics, which are reserved copyrights to that person who placed them at our disposal.

Information exchange through email

The Classic Car Company GmbH does not underwrite the exchange of information through emails to our
email address. Not only that emails can get lost in the net or being transfered with faults or to the wrong address, some points of the copyright could get violated, because of unallowed reading of the mails from
a third partie.


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